Please book in for a counselling/review if:

  • BAC 0.15% or more
  • Culpable, Refusal or failure to blow into breathalyser
  • Serious Injury or Manslaughter arising out of Driving a Motor Vehicle (Section 89 of Sentencing Act, or Section 24 of the Crimes Act).
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
  • Multiple Offender (ie. 2 or more offences in the last ten years)
  • Ordered by the Magistrate

Interlock Removal Assessment

If you have a drug or alcohol related offence and are managed through the magistrate’s court, you may require or benefit from one of our counselling reports. If you require removal of your interlock device, please contact us for more information regarding the removal process involving any Vic roads requirements and or court reports if required.

Or you may benefit from a counselling review or report for confirmation of your substance abuse history and recovery for personal, relationship, family court, or employment reasons.