AddEducation, CorpPsychCare, AAA Access Awareness, and the Trauma Institute are part of the Trauma Centre Australia Group. Trauma Centre Australia is a group of registered psychologists and counsellors, caring and responsive to the needs of our clients. We have a network of caring and qualified psychologists and counsellors across Australia that are ready to respond to your circumstances and needs.

AddEducation’s mission is to bring about attitudinal change and add quality education to our community. Our goals include developing our workforce, improving the quality and safety of our service, developing and encouraging strategic relationships, fostering a culture of research and innovations and building a sustainable organisation.
We believe this will help us in securing the health of our communities through research and innovation in order to deliver effective services and educating future generations.

AddEducation (Accredited VicRoads Provider) is a Department of Transport Services. AddEducation is a subsidiary business of Trauma Centre of Australia. For more information in regards to the services that the Trauma Centre of Australia provides,  Please click here.


  • Respect for the dignity, beliefs and abilities of every individual
  • Caring and Compassion
  • Integrity by being open honest and fair
  • Unity as a team and in embracing our communities
  • Discovery through passion for innovation


AddEducation’s primary service is providing support and counselling, as well as a range of Alcohol and Drug Education programmes by fully qualified facilitators/ accessors and counsellors which have a range of services including:

In addition to trauma and critical incident response, our counsellors and trainers are qualified “Drink-Drive” educations. Over the past 20 years we have assisted more than 50,000 people to better understand the risks associated with substance abuse and the necessary behavioural strategies they can employ to mitigate those risks. Our interventions and education programs are simple and pragmatic in their delivery but are driven by a strong desire to bring about informed and durable change. We embrace Behavioural Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focussed Therapies.

Trauma Center Australia, through its subsidiaries, provide specialised psychological, counselling, and education services focussed on substance abuse and addiction. Over the past 20 years, AddEducation has provided help and support to thousands of Australians suffering from substance abuse issues. “Our goal is to attain a healthier, safer, and more productive and fulfilling lifestyle for people – that is evidenced through observable, behavioural change.” – Peter Horton, Senior Clinical Psychologist, CEO
Trauma Centre Australia.
Subject to your instructions or request, we can provide you with:

  • guidance and advice to ensure your policy is compliant with Australian Standards and that your preferred testing device and methods comply with your policy and align with your corporate goals.
  • endeavour to ensure our procedures and process comply with your policy directions and parameters.
  • guidance on the management of issues arising from non-compliance or a non-negative result

In conjunction with your site manager, our screening process is streamlined to minimise downtime and get staff back to their duties with the minimal amount of disruption.

If our AS 4760 or AS 3547 screening process indicates a “non-negative” initial test result, this is interpreted as indicative of the possible presence of alcohol or a drug. Such cases will require further clinical/laboratory screening and assessment for confirmation of the result. We recommend that personnel with an initial non-negative result should be immediately referred to their EAP or GP for assistance and support. We also recommend that following any non-negative result, arrangements be put in place to ensure affected staff are supported and safely returned home. Given our established and on-going relationship with your organisation and staff, we believe we understand the context of your business and your people and are best placed to provide any EAP support required.
Following the screening, we can provide a pre-designated and authorised manager with reports and feedback on the conduct and outcomes of the screening.
Please contact us for costings for your specific needs and circumstances.


On-site or On-line, we care for our clients. There is no need to wait for an appointment at an inconvenient office or at an inconvenient time. We can usually come to you, and importantly, we come when you need us. We have provided psychological supports or education to individuals and corporate organisations including; International Airlines, Banks, Major Retailers, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Sporting Clubs, Government Agencies at Local, State, and Commonwealth levels, and Emergency Services.
Through our registered psychologists and experienced counsellors, we provide a range of psychological and support services including psychological interventions and counselling supports emanating from traumatic events including assault, robbery, bullying, relationship breakdown, and substance abuse. Our service is Australia-wide. Our team offers professional, immediate, on-site or on-line response to critical incidents such as death or serious injury in the workplace, suicide, and psychological supports following natural disaster or other life-threatening situations. We also care for clients requiring help with a Mental Health Care Plan.

Programs are specifically designed to provide participants with a basic theoretical knowledge as well as an important practical framework for response. The framework is a useful “hands-on” guide or reference for responders. It gives responders confidence in knowing what to do when they are under the stress of a critical incident as well as understanding how others may react before, during,
and after an incident. All participants are provided with a Trauma Centre Australia “Trauma Response Kit.
Our Education Programs can be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances so that individuals can derive the most they can and so that your organisation achieves its’ desired goals. Please contact me to discuss how this can be achieved.